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Queer avec Moustache
Previously published at Pornceptual︎︎︎


Rubis Boys is a feature created by the collective that I’m part of, Rubis Collective, in which we do pornographic and erotic photos of men.

Previously published at Pineapple Zine︎︎︎

Berti is your typical boy next door. Charming with his big blue eyes that bends over his permanent smile, he always wants to please. Maybe because the loneliness of the ocean obliges him to have the most of every human connection, maybe because he’s just like that: kind, touching. Willing to be good. He spend his days roaming alone the ocean, tanning his body with the sun that follows him everywhere. When we are close enough, we can smell and feel the thin layer of salt that covers his skin. An index of his adventures, the perfect diary of the loneliness of the sea. A modern day sailor, he’s there to remember us that the even if the sea is big and unknown, the desire to discover new worlds always begins with a small touch. Our sweat; His salty skin. Shall we sail with him?

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